Mystic Paths

Talents and Skills Common to All Mystics

While there are specific talents available to specific paths, there are a number of common talents that a mystic can learn. These do count against the maximum number of talents that can be worked on at any one time (Cha + Meditation).

Normal Skills:

  • Meditation
  • Mystic
  • Stealth
  • Perception

At the specified level of Mystic, any mystic can learn each of these talents:

  1. Spirit Communion (2 / 1)
  2. Augment Stealth (1 / 2)
  3. Store Magic Points (2 / 3)
  4. Augment Perception (1 / 4)
  5. Heal Self (2 / 5)
  6. Bind Spirit (2 / 6)

The Order of the Void


Void Style Martial Arts

Note: This is taught in varying conditions from zero-g to high-g
A mystic style that requires a lot of practice (Void Warrior style); this is usually taught starting at a very early age:

  • Strike
  • Defense
  • Break Hold
  • Disarm
  • Weapon: blunt rings
  • Power Strike: blunt rings
  • Special: Jump Kick
  • Special: Skip Kick (a jump kick using the Skip talent)
  • Special: Skip Step (can be used as a dodge or to get closer to a target)

I will warn you that an experienced Void Warrior will be a cyclone of devastation.

Other skills

  • Astrogation
  • Mathematics
  • Ship Skills
  • Zero-G
  • Low-G
  • High-G
  • Philosophy – Occult – Mythos

The Order of the Void (OV) started when seven Sages of The Brotherhood of the Blue Star took their first Jump. During the week of jump, they slaughtered the others and wrote on the bulkheads of the ship in their own bodily fluids what is now know as The Prophecy of the Void. The Brotherhood was formed in order to stop the prophecy from happening. The three surviving Sages were completely insane, though even today, the survivors have every word and action written down, just in case there is more hidden wisdom there.

Some of their talents were learned from the writings, and some were invented to attempt to prevent the prophecy from coming to be. The true nature of The Prophecy has never been made public.

There are three main branches: the warriors, the philosophers, and the priests.

Because these mystics are exceptional at navigating and piloting, and are known for their honesty, they are quickly hired for crew.

Additional Oaths:

  1. Speak no word that is not true.
  2. Own no more than is needed.
  3. Help the helpless

Secret Oath
Fight the creatures of the Mythos at all cost.


  1. Sense Absolute Position and Motion (2 / 2) – Allows the mystic to know where they are no matter their condition; they can also remember a series of targets if they only get a glimpse of them with Mystic roll.
  2. Augment Higher Mathematics (1 / 3) – Useful for calculating and understanding jump mathematics.
  3. Skip (2 / 5) – a short (1m per level) teleport that may not go through any solid objects; the endpoint must be visible; there is a slight ripping sound and the mystic goes into a rippling void; he may stay in the void for up to Mysticism in seconds; then he exits with a slight ripping sound and comes out of the rippling void.

The Warriors of the Void add:

  1. Augment Martial Arts (1 / 3) – Reduce the difficulty of the martial arts ability
  2. Indefatigable (2 / 4)
  3. Create Rings (2 / 5+) – This is only taught when a mystic becomes a master. Each level above the first either produces another ring (up to the level of this knowledge) or adds 1d6 to the damage done by the rings.

The Philosophers of the Void add:

  1. Increase Int (3 / 3) – increase the intelligence in general
  2. Increase Memory (3 / 6) – search in one’s memory for lost facts.

The Brotherhood of the Blue Star

This path is dedicated to knowledge and the defense of Ryzwozki. Their abilities are centered on gravity and the elements of earth and air.

Note: the only spirits they can speak with normally are those of Earth and Air.


  1. Astronomy
  2. Sensors


  1. Far Sight
  2. Control Gravity (2 / 3)

Mystic Ranks

Unranked Mystics (No promotion until rank)

Num Rank Default Skill
0 Aspirant Mysticism
Ranked Mystics
Num Rank Default Skill
1 Student Stealth
2 Graduate Mysticism
3 Disciple Sit Aware
4 Master Mysticism
5 Master 2 Mysticism
6 Sage Mysticism

Mystic Paths

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