Mystic Tables

Roll To Start and Each Term

Event Throw
To Begin Int
Risk/Reward C2 C3 C4 C6
Promotion Aspirant C3
Commission C6
Promotion Mystic C6 + 1 per Bound Spirit
To Continue C6 – Rank

If the Risk roll is failed, then take 1d6 damage to Cha. 1d6 of this is temporary; the Mystic can escape the damage by sacrificing one bound spirit before the damage is rolled.

If the Reward roll succeeds, then take one of the following:

  • One bound spirit (2d6 in characteristics)
  • 1 level of Mystic
  • Cha +1

Rank Table

Lay Rank

Num Rank Default Skill
0 Aspirant 0 Meditation
1 Aspirant 1 Stealth
2 Aspirant 2 Meditation
3 Aspirant 3 Perception
4 Aspirant 4 Stealth
5 Aspirant 5 Perception
6 Aspirant 6 Mystic

Mystic Rank

Num Rank Requirement Default Skill
M0 Student Meditate > 1 Mystic
M1 Graduate Cha > 10 Fighter
M2 Disciple Mystic > 3 Cha+1
M3 Master Mystic > 5 Cha+1
M4 Master 2 Stored Cha > 2 Cha+1
M5 Sage Total Cha > 25 Mystic

Skill Tables

Personal Mystical Vocation Desert Space Service Other Education
CS1+1 Stealth Mystic Survival Survival Mystic Craft Mystic
CS2+1 Perception Mystic Perception Vacc Suit Fighter Craft Fighter
CS3+1 Meditation Fighter Recon Astrogation Survival Art Astro
CS4+1 Mystic Fighter Stealth Zero-G Councillor Art Astro
CS5+1 Fighter Cha +1 Fighter Starship Medic Trade Math
CS6+1 Cha +1 Cha +1 Rider Starship Diplomat Trade Math

Mystic Tables

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