Mystical Talents

The various talents that mystics have come in three types:

  1. Augmenting a skill – this costs 1 MP/level and lowers the difficulty by one level per MP.
  2. A new magical power – this costs 2 MP/level
  3. Increasing a Characteristic – this costs 3 MP/level

The following magical talents are known to exist:

Absolute Position: The ability to know exactly where you are and in what direction you are going in several frames of reference.
Bind Spirit: Allows one to fight and bind spirits. To bind a spirit, the level of the ability must be at least as high as the spirit’s level. It also allows the mystic to create a fetch by binding his Cha and a small part of his own soul, if their path allows this.
Dark Sense: The ability to see without eyes, with or without light; the level is the maximum range the Dark Sense works at.
Heal Other – For each two levels, the mystic can heal one point of a chosen chacteristic of another through the touch of his hand.
Heal Self – For each level used, the mystic will heal one point of a chosen characteristic.
Indefatigable – For each level, the mystic can spend another End rounds in melee combat without fatigue, or do an equivalent feat with different circumstances. You can “buy” levels of fatigue right before combat starts in order to not have to worry about it during combat.
Skip – A short range (1m per level) teleport that may not go through any solid objects; the endpoint must be visible; there is a slight ripping sound and the mystic goes into a rippling void; they may stay in the void for up to Mysticism in seconds; then they exit with a slight ripping sound and comes out of the void.
Speed Block – The ability to block projectiles with a hand or weapon.
Spirit Communion: Allows one to sense, identify, and communicate with non-corporal spirits
Store Charisma – The mystic may store some of his Cha in an alternate plane. The stored Cha regenerates separately from his normal Cha. The stored Cha may never be brought back to be normal Cha, but it can be used as if it were his and it counts for magic roles. There is no maximum to stored Cha.

Mystical Talents

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