Point-Based Generation

This is a way of creating Traveller Characters via Points

I would still suggest going through the character’s life term by term. At the start of each term rolls could be made for continuation, promotion, and such. In addition, I would suggest that connections with other characters be allowed, which would allow an additional points per connection; these points should be used to buy something remotely connected to the connection.

Value Stat (15) Skill (8) Knowledge (6) Specialty (4) Sub-Spec (2)
0 0 1 0 0 0
1 1 2 1 1 1
2 2 4 2 2 2
3 3 6 3 3 4
4 4 8 4 4 6
5 5 10 5 - 8
6 6 12 6 - 10
7 7 14 - - 12
8 8 16 - - 14
9 10 - - - 16
10 12 - - - 18
11 14 - - - 20
12 16 - - - 22
13 18 - - - 24
14 21 - - - 26
15 25 - - - 28

To create characters for a type of game, you are given two numbers, like C/S, where C is the number of points to allocate to characteristics and advantages, and S is the number of points to allocate to skills. For example, to do something like classic Traveller, the points would be 60/12. A game more like T5 would be 70/40, adding advantages would make it 80/40.

After the characteristics are allocated, there is one round of connections. If N characters are connected, each of the players of the connected characters get N extra points to use. The connections should be something that develops the characters. Any points left over can be used to buy Skills.

Skills are allocated similarly, except that it goes in 4-year terms where one skill may be raised per term (and if desired, one at the end of the term). The points for this come out of the Skill pool and connections. At the beginning of each term, the players explain to the group what their character is going to be doing during this term (their job). At the end of each term, the players have another chance to make connections.


These are little things that can be used to give the character flavor or make them slightly better in one area than others. Some advantages have a negative cost, which means they add to your skill pool instead of subtracting.

  • Appearance
    • Ugly (-10)
    • Unattractive (-5)
    • Attractive (5)
    • Beautiful/Handsome (10)
  • Wealth (in CR: Base/Monthly)
    • 10,000/1,000 (0)
    • 50,000/5,000 (5)
    • 100,000/10,000 (10)
  • Former Rank
    • No rank (0)
    • Middle (5)
    • High (10)
  • Magic
    • Immune to Magic (20)
    • Magical Aptitude (10)
    • Magical Creature (15)
    • Being of Pure Magic (30)
  • Apparent Social Status
    • Very Low (-10)
    • Low (-5)
    • Middle (0)
    • High (5)
    • Very High (10)
  • Combat
    • Freezes in Combat (-10)
    • Combat Clumsiness (-5): Combat rolls level one more difficult
    • Combat Aptitude (10): Combat rolls one level easier
  • Job Aptitude
    • Overall Klutz (-15): All jobs one level harder
    • Inept in one job class (-5): One level harder in one job
    • Aptitude in one job class (10): One level easier in one job class
  • Luck
    • Bad Luck (-10)
    • Good Luck (10): May reroll two rolls per play session

Characteristic Bonuses

Normal Humans have End+2; Int+2 (rolled: End=1D+6; Int=1D+6)

Heavy Worlders have Str+3; Dex+3; End+3; Int+2 (rolled: Str=2D+3; Dex=2D+3; End=2D+3; Int=1D+6)
They don’t look any different from normal humans, but have a specialized muscle structure which gives them the extra strength and the Dex to catch objects falling in a higher g-field. Heavy Worlders have an adaptable system which automatically gives them zero-g-0, low-g-0, and high-g-0.

Ronin have Str+2; Dex+2; End+2 (rolled: Str=1D+6; Dex=1D+6; End=1D+6)
The Ronin were originally created by the Gene Lords as a replacement for the Olympians. They are a warrior race with a major block with regard to learning to think creative about technology. They were supposed to be a race of warrior-poets, but they can’t construct poems nor can they understand the. “As good as a Ronin poem” is equivalent to saying “as good as a wooden nickle” or similar.

Olympians have Str+2; Dex+2; End+3; Int+3; Cha+2 (rolled: Str=1D+6; Dex=1D+6; End=2D+3; Int=2D+3; Cha=1D+6)
No player may start as an Olypian at this time. The Shattering may have killed them all.

Webers automatically have Str+1; Dex+1; End+3; Int+2 (rolled: Str=2D+1; Dex=2D+1; End=2D+3; Int=1D+6)
Their End is improved such that when necessary they can stay awake for End days at a cost (they then crash and need a lot of nutrition and rest).
In addition, they are biologically conditioned to cooperate with each other; this is not psionic of any form.

Darwinist Webers have Str+2; Dex+2; End+4; Int+1; Cha+1 (rolled: Str=1D+6; Dex=1D+6; End=2D+4; Int=2D+1; Cha=2d6+1)
In addition, unless they open their minds up, they cannot be noticed or affected by telepathy.

Growlers have Str+1; Dex-1; End+1 (rolled: Str=2D+1; Dex=2D-1; End=2D+1)
They have claws that do 1d6-2 damage and teeth that do 1d6+1 damage. They can use human equipment.

Aslan Females have Str+1; Dex+1; End+1
In addition they have tractable claws on both feet and hands that can do 1d6 damage. The scent of an Aslan male will effect an Aslan female immediately. They can use normal human equipment.

Aslan Males have Str+3; Dex+2; End+3; Int-2
They have retractable claws that can do 1d6+2 damage, and deep fur that acts as +1 armor. Aslan males will not be allowed in play for now. They are too large to use normal human equipment.

Point-Based Generation

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