Important Changes

Due to my circumstances I never had a chance to run this campaign. I am updating this now. I believe that I’ll be changing the rules to GURPS rather than T5.

I will advertise for players when I’m finished updating.

New Players: Please read!

Players should think about the following skills for their characters.

In addition to the common ship skills of Pilot, Navigator, Electronic Repair (Gravetics, Fission, Sensors, etc.), and Mechanic (of many sorts), there are a number of other skills that some people don’t think about. For example, Area Knowledge, Computer Operation, Housekeeping, Cooking, Savoir Faire, and of course, people skills.

Climbing Back to the Stars

The Shattering broke the tribes of Earth. Nine out of ten died in the first few minutes. Then our technologies died – sometimes quietly, sometimes in fire and lightning. Advanced electronics, including computers and most of the readable media where the only things directly destroyed, but that was enough. With the destruction of the computers, everything they controlled went also, including the power grids, vehicles, space travel, and food production. We had to remember or relearn how to hoe the land and reap the crops with their own muscle. And more people died before the crops could come in.

The Shattering made the tribes of Earth stronger. The dying killed the weak, and those who remained were stronger. We knew we had to cooperate, not only to grow the food we needed, but to breed our population properly from a small gene pool. And even when the weather was good and we had enough food, there were those who would take it. The Raiders from the stars came to destroy and take what we would have traded for or shared. Then the Black Ships made those human pirates seem a minor threat.

But threats weren’t the only thing from the stars. Even though at that time we couldn’t build ships, and still can’t build them as well as our ancestors did, some star ships survived the Shattering. And some of them were flown by traders. It was those few trading ships that eventually helped to form the Commonwealth.

But some things have changed. We now share our planets and the stars with creatures out of myth and legend. Where they came from, nobody knows, but the night isn’t only ours anymore.

For generations we spent most of our time and energy rebuilding our technology, so that today we can sail to the stars once again. But we neither do this alone, nor the same path as our ancestors.

We are returning.

- From “A Song of Change” by Rustophus, Year 421 After the Shattering.

This campaign is a Science Fantasy using the Traveller 5 rules. There will be magic, though mostly shamanistic magic, and there will be some fantasy races. However, don’t expect D and D in Space; this is Traveller, and I’m the GM. I will warn you: I like the Yog-Sothoth Cycle, the name preferred by H. P. Lovecraft, but what most of us call the Cthulhu Mythos.

In the Commonwealth of the New Dawn, humans are different from what they were. At the beginning, about 95% of the survivors had the Weber Symbiont, which made them tougher than normal and stopped their aging. One of the points of the breeding program was to give the advantage of the symbiont to all who would have it. Currently the Commonwealth is composed of 12 systems, and over 99% of the citizens have the symbiont. Players are assumed to have these advantages.

Most of the common “aliens” were created during the time of the Republic (before the Empire) by genetically modifying human stock: the Growlers, the Aslan, the Heavy Worlders, the Olympeans, and the Ronin. However, there are some that are truly alien: the Lirrians, the Shoggoths, the Mi-Go, and the controllers of the Black Ships.

You can find out more specifics in the Wiki.

Reclaiming the Stars